Premier Pathways is a cost-effective talent management programme for schools. Create a motivated and stable staff team by supporting high quality graduates in becoming outstanding teachers.

This 2-year scheme is a flexible recruitment and retention route supported by leading organisations in Initial Teacher Education.

Partner Schools can offer trainees a permanent contract at the end of the scheme with no finder’s fee.

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Recruiting your Teaching Talent

Our high achieving trainees must pass rigorous screening and selection by highly experienced education recruiters who determine their commitment to teaching

Contractual Flexibility

Schools have freedom to recruit talent without expensive contractual commitments. Handpicked candidates are available all year round

A Talent Partnership

Work with a successful partner that understands the individual recruitment challenges of your school

Stabilising your Staff Team

Develop a talent pipeline to create and retain a teaching team that is motivated to deliver your vision for the school

A Year-Long Interview

Assess Premier Pathways Scholars over a flexible period before committing to support them through their PGCE

Save Money

Cost-effective against other teacher training methods a simple weekly fee eliminates concern about recruitment advertising, sick-pay, contractual disputes, and training

Current System

Stagnant staff

Staff are tired, unmotivated and uninspired

Premier Pathways

Unified vision

Everyone is engaged around the strategic vision of the school

Current System

Early leavers and fixed contract

High turnover of staff and inflexible working practices

Premier Pathways

Flexibility and consistency

Schools can take control of their talent management

Current System

Poor availability / low quality candidates

Schools are forced to take on unsuitable new staff or use expensive supply

Premier Pathways

High quality

Premier Pathways provides a steady stream of exceptional trainees

Current System

High advert cost

Large advertisers charge huge sums with no guarantee of success

Premier Pathways

Excellent value

Schools eliminate all risk by only paying for candidates who they accept and retain

Current System

School failure

Schools are taken advantage of leading to poor quality teaching and serious challenges

Premier Pathways

School success

Organised and supported talent management gives schools the best opportunity to flourish

Talent management for schools: how Premier Pathways works

The four stages of recruiting, deploying, developing, and retaining a stable staffing team


Only exceptional graduates are considered. Trainees are rigorously interviewed and must meet safeguarding requirements, including a full DBS check and referencing.


Participants gain practical experience in a teaching support role while receiving high quality blended training from leading ITE providers and developing an online portfolio of evidence against Teaching Standards.


Participants are assessed three times in Year 2 by tutors from the University of Buckingham and produce an online portfolio. Participants achieve a PGCE on successful completion of the course.


Having achieved the PGCE, participants can be offered a permanent contract with no finder’s fee to the school. Masters qualification routes are available for your leading talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Schools are charged £135 for a trainee, per day until they achieve PGCE, at which point, they can be transferred to a direct school contract at no extra fee. We feel this gives you complete flexibility throughout your recruitment process and allows you to make informed and successful decisions.

What is the quality of your candidates?

Our entry standards are 2:1 or above from a leading UK university and a firm commitment to a career in teaching. Premier Pathways Scholars are those candidates who demonstrate exceptional potential to become outstanding teachers.

What does the professional development programme comprise?

Scholar Phase (Terms 1 and 2)
  • Pre-Season Training at the University of Buckingham
  • October Training at the University of Buckingham
  • A series of online modules covering safeguarding, the Prevent strategy and Skills Tests support.
  • Training and Assessment Day in February.
Advance Scholar Phase (Terms 3 to 6)
  • Intense lesson observations and team teaching in Term 4
  • Three residential courses in Terms 4 to 6 and the University of Buckingham
  • Evidence collation against Teachers’ Standards using the University of Buckingham’s online portfolio
  • Assessment against the Teachers’ Standards by the University of Buckingham tutors
  • Regular surgeries with the Liaison Team provide additional support as your trainees move towards their PGCE.
  • Three further opportunities to meet with other participants before the end of the course use peer networking and liaison support to ensure success on the programme
  • Access to the University of Buckingham’s online Moodle software and library ensure that participants are well prepared to take on their PGCE assignments.
  • On-going mentorship from trained mentors in their school
  • A three-week placement in a contrasting school to secure their teaching skills

Is my school committed to the entire academic year?

No, Premier Pathways offers total flexibility to schools when developing its staff team. Trainees can be released at short notice to suit changes at the school, such as adjustments to statement or pupil premium funding or staff surplus at exam times. Schools will have a dedicated Premier Pathways contact available at all times to make the changes as easily and effectively as possible.

What happens at the end of the academic year?

That is entirely up to you. Each trainee that a school would like to hire on a permanent or long term contract is available with no finders fee. Alternatively, EduStaff (our recruitment partner) can help a school to find NQTs who are more suited to that specific environment.

Where can I find out more?

To register your interest in becoming one of our select Partner Schools, fill in your details below and one of our team will arrange a suitable time to contact you.

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